BNP Paribas PF automates answering of employee questions

With an HR FAQ Chatbot "ViHRa", BNP Paribas PF provides better employee experience and saves time

BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Bulgaria is a branch of the international bank BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A., part of BNP Paribas - the largest financial group in the euro area, with over BGN 4 billion in loans, and over 1.5 million customers. The largest portfolio of specialized consumer loans in the country.

The largest distribution network in the country, offering its services in nearly 2 500 sites, including its own branch network of 45 representative offices. The company team consists of nearly 1 000 employees.

New and existing employees often have questions related to the organizational setup, rules, benefits and culture. Those are questions about onboarding, paid vacations, mobile phones, company car usage, benefits, salaries, promotions, career paths, etc. Usually HR experts are addressed with such questions. Many employees even do not know whom to ask and fail to ask and therefore to get an answer. In addition, certain answers are available in long documents in the corporate intranet of knowledge management system. Those could require time to be found and even more time to be located within the lengthy content.


Implement a tool that would effectively save substantial time and efforts for the HR experts by addressing all those questions and provide direct and specific answers in a conversational style with the employee, thus saving him/her the trouble to find whom to ask, call, write mails of search in databases.

The Solution

The Skilly chatbot implementation was designed to accommodate employees’ easy access to important organizational information – onboarding, vacations, benefits, sick leaves, etc. It provides direct replies to the often-asked questions by employees.

Each BNP Paribas PF employee is able to access and use the chatbot. It is available 24/7. The employees select or type the questions they are interested in finding an answer to and the bot provides the answer based on the uploaded content. The content is uploaded to the chatbot platform through excel files in a predefined template.

The chatbot provides also important analytics - it captures all questions the users ask, the journeys they take through the content, the time spent, the questions that were not answered, where the user dropped the chat, etc.

The key advantage of the solution is in the conversational style and the prompt provision of direct answers, without interference of a human in the delivery of the information, thus creating a unique user experience and saving time for the HR experts.


1 000 employees in 45 offices use the HR chatbot, which is:

  • Available 24/7, doesn’t take breaks and employees could get answers at any time
  • Cutting down operational cost, as implementing a fully functioning chatbot is much cheaper and quicker than hiring more human resources or loading existing experts with additional duties
  • Offering a personalized experience giving employees an interactive environment so that they feel exactly the way they would converse with any human.
  • Automating repetitive tasks and helping the HR Department increase productivity and save time.