Contour Global automates answering of employee questions

HR FAQ Chatbots cover thousands of questions related to performance appraisal and procurement


ContourGlobal is a growth platform for acquiring and developing wholesale power generation with long-term contracts diversified across fuel types and geographies. The company provides best-in-class technical and management expertise in traditional and innovative technologies to energize local economies and communities around the world. CG owns 107 powerplants, utilizing a wide range of fuel types, technology and equipment, in 18 countries.

Big companies are now getting rid of performance reviews as those come out costly and of low value. 58% of HR leaders say performance solutions are ineffective, drive no results & crucial work time loss (by VentureBeat).

Traditional performance reviews consume significant time and efforts. Productivity drops in forms filling, data collection and results analysis.


Therefore, GontourGlobal needed a solution to decrease bureaucracy and increase efficiency of the appraisal process.


The difference for ContourGlobal is made by a Microsoft-based Chatbot developed by Abilitics. It is a simple and efficient, time-saving and millennial-friendly tool with real-time chat conversations.

It automates data capturing for the HR and makes the appraisal less bureaucratic and more engaging for the team of >1000 employees.

Implemented: Jan. 2019

The results

Targeting HR process optimization, the Chatbot has improved the speed and efficiency of the Company appraisal process.


‘The launch has been successful. The solution has a great potential - with low development and implementation efforts it could solve many problems and replace manual human activities.’ Says D. Shekerletov, Director Global Applications


Later, because of the excellent result of the chatbot implementation, ContourGlobal launched three more chatbots – General Info QnA bot, Procurement bot and Recruitment bot.